In the Courses section not only information about various accredited (‘in service’) courses for museum professional and teachers can be found, but the successfully implemented practical results of the courses and a selection of the students’ outstanding theses accomplished at the end of the course, as well. Currently ten different courses are accessible 'in campus'.

  • Learning is fun, entertain to learn – project method in museum education
  • Partnership of schools and museums – training for teachers
  • Train the trainer of teachers – museum utilization in public education
  • Do you understand? – Yes, I do! – How to welcome handicapped people in museums
  • Museum management
  • School-friendly museum environment
  • Curating exhibitions from A to Z: from the idea to accomplishment to serve the needs of public education
  • Museum communication to serve the needs of education
  • Networking and cooperation in non formal education
  • Museum publications for education and training – from the worksheet to online museum group work

The e-learning courses, unique in the museum sphere in Hungary, were developed by MEMC and can be completed free of charge. Currently five different e-learning courses are accessible in this section.