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About us

Who are we?

Museum Education and Methodology Centre

In 2006 a collaboration agreement was made by the Ministry of National Heritage and the Szentendre Hungarian Open Air Museum to establish the Museum Education and Methodology Centre, a professional centre providing for development and renewal of museums.

Our main targets were between 2008 and 2013 to accomplish the „Museums for Everyone Programme – Reinforcement of the educational and training role of museums – Central methodology development TÁMOP-3.2.8/A-08-2008-0002 by three project managers, by an execution team of six, together with cooperation of nineteen regional coordinators and three museum education vocational coordinators.

The Museum Education and Methodology Centre continues its diverse professional work in the maintenance period started on 1st March 2014.

What do we believe in?

We believe that museums in Hungary

  • have an accentuated role in preserving, transmitting culture on both national and universal scales
  • are repositories of knowledge and experiences
  • represent substantial national asset through their collections, exhibitions and academic activities
  • are of great significance to augment national knowledge and culture
  • require constant renewal in order to be able to accomplish their mission
  • can provide appropriate programs for all age groups

Our mission is to assist renewal and self-renewal of museums in Hungary by methodology training and development, by operating a coordinator network and by professional counselling in order to create modern exhibitions, a visitor- and school-friendly environment, exciting programmes which educate in an entertaining way, and provide high level services. Our priorities include supporting competence development in public education by introducing and disseminating modern museum education solutions extensively as well as modernizing cooperation between museums and public education institutions.

How can we help?

  • training, methodology study-aid, curriculum
  • publishing research results, case studies
  • training, counselling, and information services
  • information about our repository of knowledge and database
  • publishing best practices in museum education and sample projects
  • providing professional advice as well as counselling in grant applications directly through our coordinator

network by organizing information days

  • public newsletter, information continuously updated
  • on our website
  • organizing conferences, consultancies
  • e-learning curricula

Our activities and services are continuously expanded in accordance with the advancement of the project.

Where are we?

Hungarian Open Air Museum Szentendre

2000 Szentendre, Sztaravodai út

postal address: 2001 Szentendre Pf. 63.

phone: +36 26 502 500

fax: +36 26 502 502



Accomplished methodology research and development

  • compiling a national museum education database
  • museums to serve the needs of public education – research
  • adapting European best practices in museum education methodology
  • museum professionals to serve the needs of public education research
  • working out and releasing sample projects


Professional training for teachers and museum professionals.

Working out, accrediting and running 10 methodology training programmes:

  • Learning is fun, entertain to learn – project method in museum education
  • Partnership of schools and museums – training for teachers
  • Train the trainer of teachers – museum utilization in public education
  • Do you understand? – Yes, I do! – How to welcome handicapped people in museums
  • Museum management
  • School-friendly museum environment
  • Curating exhibitions from A to Z: from the idea to accomplishment to serve the needs of public education
  • Museum communication to serve the needs of education
  • Networking and cooperation in non formal education
  • Museum publications for education and training – from the worksheet to online museum group work

Please find our training catalogue on our website, here

Museums for Everyone Programme

Museum Education and Methodology Centre

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Institutional accreditation

The Hungarian Open Air Museum is accredited with the qualification of adult education institution.

Training premises and facilities

Training sessions are conducted at different locations on the premises of the directorate building of the Hungarian Open Air Museum and in the Csilléry Klára Education Centre. Permanent and temporary exhibitions, the Study Collection and the professional reading library are all at the disposal of our students to enhance their academic knowledge and practical experience.

Network of museum coordinators

Museums are represented by a professional coordinator in each county of Hungary and in Budapest. The members of the network also participate professionally in reaching project aims. As museum professionals they support local, county and regional developments, they ensure the flow of information between Ministry of National Resources, Museums for Everyone - Museum Education and Methodology Centre and between public education participants and institutions by playing a kind of counselling role.


  • methodology publications
  • research studies
  • coursebooks, monographs
  • educational study-aid
  • Museums for Everyone Programme Portal
  • Museums for Everyone e-newsletter
  • e-learning

Our publicatins can be downloaded free of charge after registration on, here and here.


Conferences, roundtable discussions, symposiums, information days, briefings are organized and executed in the course of implementing methodology development.


Museums for Everyone Programme – Strengthening the educational and training role of museums – Central methodology development TÁMOP-3.2.8/A-08-2008-0002 project 2008-2013

The project is executed by the Hungarian Open Air Museum – Museum Education and Methodology Centre with the support of the European Union, co-financed by the European Social Fund.

Project owner: Hungarian Open Air Museum, Dr. Miklós Cseri , Director General

Project manager: Dr. Ibolya Bereczki, Deputy Director General

Project professional leader: Mária Káldy, Director, Museum Education and Methodology Centre

Supervisory Authority: National Development Agency Human Resources Division

Contributing organisation: ESZA Social Services Nonprofit Ltd.

English translation: Katalin Andrikó