Roundtable discussion to launch the revamped book series Museum Compass

15 January 2019, Budapest – The newest issues of the book series Museum Compass published by Museum Education and Methodology Centre (MOKK), Hungarian Open Air Museum boasting a new image were presented at a roundtable discussion at the Hungarian National Museum.

Kerekasztal-beszélgetésen mutatkozott be a megújult Múzeumi iránytű kiadványsorozat

The first volume of the Museum Compass consisting of scientific-professional books - still regarded as trend setting and gap-filling – was published in 2009 titled “With open gates – inside and outside the gate”. Fifteen volumes of the series have appeared up to the present, reviewing the relationship between the museum and education, disseminating scientific research exploring the socialisation of museums, up-to-date methodologies, best practices of museums and museum education in Hungary and abroad, as well as conference presentations. The Museum Compass is also related to the training courses organised by MOKK, e.g. one of the volumes is comprised of the best theses of course participants.

The image of the scientific professional book series was revamped in collaboration with Moholy-Nagy University (MOME) in 2017.  The image renewal was initiated by Kinga German and Zsófia Ruttkay, associate professors of MOME. The new image was used in the case of the 12th volume, titled Digital museum for the first time. The cutting-edge theme evidently required a new matching image. The majority of the studies of the 12th volume is based on the presentations of the Museum 2.0 conference held in 2016, which looked into challenges of the museum of the future, the increasing penetration and further possibilities of digital technologies in the museum.

The other volumes of the Museum Compass series which appeared up to the end of 2018 are also niche in nature, as they deal with highly current, progressive themes. The volumes 13and 15 titled Museum communities – community museums, and Cultural heritage – museum communities focus on the socialisation, community building, and promoting equal opportunities aspects of the museum, linked to Acting communities – active community involvement project (EFOP-1.3.1-15-2016-00001). Volume 16 titled A chance with museums, appeared in the framework of the other EU funded priority project of MOKK titled Museum and library development for everyone (EFOP-3.3.3-VEKOP-16-2016-00001) gives guidance on receiving visitors of disadvantaged background in the museum. The volume also serves as teaching material of the course A chance with museums – Supporting development of disadvantaged school children, talent management, competency development by museums in order to reduce the number of early school leavers. No. 14 Colourful museum education is to be released soon.

Following the welcome speech of general director - Hungarian National Museum Benedek Varga, the revamped series was launched in the form of a roundtable discussion - moderated by head of division Marianna Berényi - with the participation of editors and authors of the revamped volumes. The discussion touched on the aims of the series and the implementation of its ideas.

The participant of the discussion included dr. Ibolya Bereczky, Deputy Director General, Hungarian Open Air Museum, Magdolna Nagy, acting Director, Museum education and Methodology Centre (MOKK), dr Zsófia Ruttkay Director of TechLab, Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME), dr. Mária Arapovics professional leader of Acting communities project, Rita Dabi-Farkas, museum educator of Ludwig Museum - Museum of Contemporary Art, Dr. Balázs Mészáros, project manager, Hungarian National Museum, head of office, Pulszky Society.

The event organised by Museum Press Café, Museum Education and Methodology Centre (MOKK), Hungarian Open Air Museum and the Hungarian National Museum concluded by a guided tour in the new temporary exhibition of the museum. The exhibition titled The Unsung Hero: General Görgei opened on 15 January 2019, and it presents the career of the most controversial character of the 1848-49 freedom fight, his assessment and its changes. Klára Radnóti, the curator of the exhibition gave an insight into the background of the newly opened exhibition.

The volumes of the Museum Compass series are downloadable from the website of MOKK: