27 November 2019, Budapest – No. 20 of the Museum Compass series published by the Museum Education and Methodology Centre, Hungarian Open Air Museum (MOKK, SZNM) was released and reviewed on 27 November at a press conference held at the Budapest Grand Circus. The volume titled ‘MIKSZ - Practical Guide to School Community Service in Museums’ supports the better organization of the school community service (IKSZ), with special focus on the venue of the museum. The press release was followed by a methodology day for students performing school community service, as well as teachers and museum experts.

The volume edited by museologist and museum educator Emese Joó, and published in the framework of the priority project 'Museum and Library Development for Everyone’, aims at raising awareness of IKSZ among museum institutions. The guide for the museum profession, and teachers is also linked to one of the methodological development efforts of the project. This methodological development lays special emphasis on sensitizing teachers organizing the IKSZ to raise awareness of and communicate the opportunities that museums can offer to secondary school students, so that museum professionals are methodologically prepared to receive young people interested in learning about museum content. A key to successful youth motivation is a thorough appropriate knowledge of their age characteristics and their community, as well as museum opportunities, and the importance of collaboration, involvement, and empowerment.

The participants of the press conference were welcomed by the managing director of the National Centre for Circus Art Non-profit Kft. Dr. Beáta Borsós, followed by the head of Museum Division of the Secretariat responsible for culture, Ministry for Human Capacities Hajnal Kassai’s comprehensive talk titled The role of museums in school community service. The whole series of Museum Compass was reviewed by series editor Dr. Ibolya Bereczki, Deputy Director General of Hungarian Open Air Museum, responsible for sectoral affairs. Subsequently, during a methodological day, a panel discussion featured prominent experts on the subject. The topics discussed included why mandatory school community service and youth volunteering are still confused in public thinking, or why proper interpretation and implementation of the statutory provision is problematic.

The ‘MIKSZ - Practical Guide to School Community Service in Museums ‘ is downloadable for the interested public free of charge at:


More information: Gabriella Kajári, communication officer