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"Mapping and evaluating the needs of museums and galleries in the Košice region" című kutatási beszámoló angol nyelven itt tölthető le.



In line with the international trends observable in the activities of museums and galleries, the mission of these institutions and organizations presenting history and art has changed in that they have become active actors supporting the concept of audience development, active citizenship and strengthening of a democratic society.

A survey of operating museums and galleries was carried related to the mapping of the professional setting needs of the museums and galleries in the Košice region. An analysis of the vertical structure of professional activities as defined in the Strategy for the Development of Museums and Galleries in the Slovak Republic was also carried out, i.e. exhibitions, acquisition and professional management of the exhibits, research, educational activities, accompanying events and presentations, promotion and marketing, human resources development, and digitalization of exhibits.

The presented mapping of the needs is based on the definition of museums and galleries as active actors ready to contribute to the modeling of social reality, to the education and audience development and to community building. The mapping also focuses on the principles of functioning of these institutions common to businesses, i.e. efficiency measurement, networking, capacity building, PR, multi-source financing (fundraising), organizing exhibitions, mobility and residential programs, employee development and training, cross-border services, quality management, etc. The SWOT analysis and identification of these organizations needs takes into account the current definition of these institutions. The following question is also asked by Mass Action: Museums as Sites of Social Action, the partner association of museums: “What is the role and responsibility of a museum in responding to the challenges affecting our communities locally and globally? How do the internal activities of a museum have to change in order to align with public practice and in order to better inform? How can a museum operate as a place of social action and interaction? (MASS Action) The definitions of current museum practice result into defining the mission of these types of institutions. Regarding the nature of the galleries activities in the Košice region, we are extending this definition to galleries as well.