Autumn Festival of Museums 2016

Autumn Festival of Museums in Hungary 2016

Announcement for museum institutes:

The general director of the Hungarian Open Air Museum dr. Miklós Cseri and the head of department of Museum Education and Methodology Centre Magdolna Nagy made an announcement on 30 June 2016 about holding the annual Autumn Festival of Museums this year from September 26 to November 13.

They invited the Hungarian museums to join in the series of programmes and to take part in the events of the Autumn Festival of Museums 2016 taking place over 7 weeks. This year the slogan of the festival is ‘Build bridges to connect’. The organizer of the festival, the Museum Education and Methodology Centre (MEMC) has had the opportunity to organize the Festival for the eleventh time.

The support provided by the National Cultural Fund of Hungary (NCF) makes it possible for the Museum Education and Methodology Centre to help the communication of the series of events with a central campaign (programme guide, leaflets, festival homepage, online campaign, printed press etc.) Besides, the NCF resources also allow the MEMC to contribute to the costs of the events organized by the museums.

Similarly to previous years the MEMC offer different themes for the programmes of the museums. The Day of Kindergarten Teachers and In the Footsteps of Ancient Crafts first launched last year were well received and therefore will be continued this year. One of the new themes of this year include ‘Tuned in for Autumn’, which offers programmes for schoolkids and families for the autumn holidays.

Deadline of registration, application and upload of programmes:

1 August 2016