Curating exhibitions from A to Z - from the idea to accomplishment

The Museum Education and Methodology Centre (MEMC) organizes the accredited course Curating exhibitions from A-Z - from the idea to accomplishment to serve the needs of public education between October 2 and November 24.

Target groups:



cultural staff at museums

museum educators, museum-andragogists

museum leaders

leaders and staff of country house museums and galleries

Conditions apply

  • higher education diploma or degree
  • submitting the documents necessary for application

Main topics

Museum exhibitions in a new role.

Position of museums in the 21st century.

European exhibition trends

Cultural and political environment of museums.

Regulatory environment of museums

Museum building as the site of exhibitions and as a medium conveying message.

Characteristics of a good exhibition

Project method in planning exhibitions

Human resources management in planning exhibitions

Financial aspects of a particular exhibition

Case study: project method in making exhibitions

Museum exhibition policy

Museum, collection and exhibition strategy

Set of criteria of exhibition making

Scientific background and justification of exhibitions

Preparation of collections for exhibitions

Conservation / restoration in preparing collections for exhibitions

Scenario writing

Design and visualization of exhibitions

Texts in exhibitions

Experience elements, attractions and interactivity in exhibitions

Multimedia and electronic applications in exhibitions

Visitors' space use

Loaning works of art and documents

Executing exhibitions

Exhibition installations

Exhibition and conservation

Publications linked to exhibitions

Visitors management

Exhibition and communication

Front office staff

Exhibiton types and presentation techniques

Exhibition designs

Utilizing exhibitions

Afterlife of exhibitions

Assessment of exhibitions

Planning and executing an exhibition in practice

Conditions of completing the training:

  • Continuous participation and active involvement in training
  • Preparation of final thesis topic assigned at the end of training
  • Participants send a brief account of how they can utilize the knowledge gained in the training at their own institutes for two years semi-annually following the training

How to apply:

Download and fill in the necessary documents.

Documents needed for application:

  1. Application form
  2. Survey practice management
  3. Motivation letter
  4. Prior knowledge level - assessment document
  5. Curriculum vitae
  6. List of publications (max. 15 key)
  7. Communication questionnaire

Please send the application to Viktória Zádor in word format and by post (!).

To enquire about the training please contact Viktória Zádor:, Ph: 26-502-590 Mobile: 30-411-4933

Mailing address: Hungarian Open Air Museum, Museum Education and Methodology Centre 2001 Szentendre, PO 63

Application deadline: 15 September 2017

Candidates will be sent a notification of admission no later than September 22, 2017.

Participation fee: 205 000 HUF / person

Early bird price until June 30: 175 000 HUF

Participation fee includes:

1. Participation at the training

2. Printed teaching material

3. Training Certificate (certificate proving the successful completion of the training)

4. Meals (refreshments in breaks and lunch daily)

The participation fee does not include accomodation, meals, and travel costs.