Did you know that the SZNM-MOKK was the first museum in Hungary , which has developed e-learning training?

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We invite our visitors on an adventurous journey. Discover the potential and opportunities of e-learning! Teachers, museum and cultural professionals can attend FREE e-learning trainings recommended not only for these target groups, but anyone who is interested.

What is e-learning?

E-learning, the English word for "electronic learning" , has become increasingly popular as a form of learning. The Internet provides a learning opportunity for non-traditional forms of learning, disseminating knowledge,and the application of teaching methods.

Why does it work?

The flexibility of online learning allows users to access spatial and temporal freedom. Those interested can start learning regardless of place and time. According to its own schedule, from home can be carried out in the course of learning while on the Internet does not detract from the work of the students.

The operating Szentendre Open Air Museum board of directors as the Museum of Education and Training Centre of e-learning as a modern learning environment is used by the broadest possible extend the training completion range, so do the teaching materials available to those who lack of time or high They are unable to attend traditional courses because of distances.

How is it done?

The forms of learning are primarily self-directed. If necessary, consultation is also available by e-mail, or by telephone.

After successfully completing the course, the students are given diplomas.

We currently offer five courses by distance learning. Four e-learning trainings about the museum, cultural professionals, and one for teachers.

Training cultural professionals:

  • Entertaining learning, learning fun - Design Method of museum pedagology
  • "Do you understand ?! - I understand !?" - How to welcome people with disabilities fellow museums
  • Networking and co-organized learning outside school
  • Museum communication service of education

Training for teachers:

  • Schools and Museums Partnership

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