Learning is fun, entertain to learn - project method in museum education

Accredited training for museum and cultural professionals

Starts: The training is organized on demand for a minimum of 10 participants.

Duration: 60 hours (2 x 4 days)

Training days:

Venue: Hungarian Open Air Museum - Museum Education and Methodology Centre, 2000 Szentendre, Szatravodai út

Accredited training aims to cover:

  • teach various forms of knowledge transfer through museum education skills, opportunities and methods for the dissemination of national and international examples
  • conceptual thinking and practical utilization of the museum's educational methods

Training syllabus:

- The role of museums in Europe and in the Hungarian cultural life.
- Museum's duty in knowledge transfer and its role in public education.
- The definition of museum education basics.
- Overview of the history of contemporary situation of Hungarian museum education.
- The structure of the museum's educational concept, and the museum's education strategy and marketing.
- From idea to reality - exhibitions' museum educational use, project planning theory and practice.
- Methodological aspects of museum educational activities - training methods for museums in different age groups from kindergarten through high school.
- Providing material and personnel for knowledge transfer.
- Theoretical educational resources and practical steps taken.
- Trade-sheet processing tasks in different age groups.
- Museum and experience - teaching drama at the museum.
- The basics of museum communication, and communication of the museum's educational activities.

Target groups:

- Museum specialist of public education
- Museum educator
- Museum public relations specialist
- Andragogist specialist
- Curator of exhibition
- Curator specialist
- Museum Leader

The number of participants: min. 10 max. 20 people

Conditions of completion of the training:

  • Continuous participation and active involvement in training
  • Preparation of final thesis topic assigned at the end of training
  • Participants send a brief account of how they can utilize the knowledge gained in the training at their own institutes for two years semi-annually following the training

How to apply:

Fill in the necessary downloaded documents.

Please send the application to education officer Katalin Andrikó word format and by post (!).

To enquire about the training please contact Katalin Andrikó: andriko.katalin@sznm.hu, Ph: 26-502-597 Mobile: 30-411-4936

Mailing address: Hungarian Open Air Museum, Museum Education and Methodology Centre 2001 Szentendre, PO 63


Candidates will be sent a notification of admission no later than August 18, 2015.

Participation fee: .......... HUF / person

Participation fee includes:

1. Training Certificate( certificate proving the successful completion of the training)

2. Meals (refreshments in breaks and lunch daily) 8 days: 16000Ft / person

The participation fee does not include accomodation, meals, and travel costs. The meals can be covered with: 4000 HUF / person, which includes refreshments and hot lunch each day at the Skanzen.


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