Mission statement

Our mission is to assist renewal and self-renewal of museums in Hungary by methodology training and development, by operating a coordinator network and by professional counselling in order to create modern exhibitions, a visitor- and school-friendly environment, exciting programmes that educate in an entertaining way, and provide high level services. Our priorities include supporting competence development in public education by introducing and disseminating modern museum education solutions extensively as well as modernizing cooperation between museums and public education institutions.

One of our first priorities is to assist competence developing public education by introducing and spreading new museum education solutions and by promoting and developing a new way of collaboration between museums and public education institutes.

We believe that museums in Hungary

  • have an accentuated role in preserving, transmitting culture on both national and universal scales
  • are repositories of knowledge and experiences
  • represent substantial national asset through their collections, exhibitions and academic activities
  • are of great significance to augment national knowledge and culture
  • require constant renewal in order to be able to accomplish their mission
  • can provide appropriate programmes for all age groups