Museum communication to serve the needs of education

Museum communication to serve the needs of education

Accredited training course for museum and cultural institute professionnals.

Training date: The training is organized on demand for a minimum of 10 participants.

Training duration:

Location: Hungarian Open Air Museum - Museum Education and Methodology Centre Szentendre, Sztaravodai út.

Target gropus:

The planned number of trainees: min. 10 people, max. 20 people.

Aim of training:

Participants acquire competences by the aid of which they can design cutting edge museum communication. They get to know modern communcations tools and use them in practice, with focus on target groups of the museum, namely children and students.


The training course consists of modules:

1. General museum communication

2. Communication of museum exhibitions and the system of communication at the museum

3. Communication with different target groups

4. Marketing, PR

5. Museum online communication