Museum compass 16.

Rita Dabi-Farkas (editor): A chance with museums - Museum compass 16. (manuscript)

Hungarian Open Air Museum Museum Education and Methodology Centre, Szentendre, Hungary


Editor’s foreword.

József Molnár: Museums’ options to reach out to groups with lower education levels or without qualifications.

Anna Czékmány: Snap! or Roma youngsters in the museum.

Gabriella Jakusch: Engaging the homeless in museums –a methodological recommendation in the field of museum education.

Zsófia Mlakár: Recommendations for the design and implementation of museum education programmes promoting the inclusion of socially and culturally disadvantaged groups

Rita Dabi-Farkas: Museum visitors with comprehension-related difficulty.

Rita Dabi-Farkas: People living with disabilities.

Rita Dabi-Farkas: Blind and visually impaired people 

The manuscript is downloadable here.