Museum coordinators

Since 1 February 2017, the members of the museum coordinators have also been participating in the implementation of the priority project entitled Museum and Library Development for Everyone, they help achieve the aims and indicators of the coordinator network. More information on their diverse activities in this regard is available here:

Priority tasks of museum coordinators within the project Museum and library development for everyone:

  • disseminating up-to-date museum concepts widely by consultation and organising events
  • advocating and supporting the implementation of local, county-based and regional museum development projects
  • developing comprehensive cooperation between institutions performing educational and museum functions
  • promoting cooperation between educational and museum institutions
  • organising common events and workshops with museum and educational institutions
  • creating and operating a museum and teacher database
  • participating in basic- and development training courses
  • implementing the detailed plan of tasks described in the yearly work plan
  • making reports in the format determined in the work plan
  • regarding the project, carrying out all the professional tasks assigned by the leader of the part-time workplace, within the period of time determined for carrying out the work

In addition to providing training, the MOKK, so as to help the work of the coordinators and develop their competencies, regularly organises professional workshops, domestic and international study tours, furthermore, it supports the coordinators’ participation at international professional conferences.

For inquiries, please contact the museum coordinator nearest to you.

On the link below, you can search for the members of the network of county coordinators currently operating with 38 people:

The video newsletter about the network of museum coordinators can be viewed here.

Learn more about:

  • the training courses organised for the coordinators (basic and developing courses)
  • the professional workshops: here, here (Esztergom) and here, here (in Borsod and Heves counties)

Professional reports are accessible on the study tours of the coordinator network abroad: Austria and Transylvania.

Some of the coordinators’ reports on professional events:

Our coordinators are regularly presented in the media in connection with professional events and initiations organised by them. More information about this is available on the link below: