Museums a'la carte

The most unique element of the website of the Museum Education Centre is unquestionably the Museums a'la carte, in the data base of which exhibitions and/or museum education sessions can be searched according to different aspects. It is a national database, which means exhibitions and museum education session are listed from all over Hungary.

Exhibitions can be searched on the basis of regions of the country, date and time, theme of exhibition, while museum education sessions can be selected by school subjects, age group or region of country.

On the basis of feedback we received from the users, the Museums a'la carte element of the website goes far beyond the search function and it operates as a deposit of essential information, which enables teachers and museum educators to have an insight into each other's work, by which their cooperation is enhanced.

The novelty and at the same time the speciality of this interface is that museums participating in the database can upload or update data about their own museums themselves by using their individual entry code, by this ensuring up-to-date information continuously.

How can it be used?

  • If you are searching for exhibitions, click here.
  • If you are searching for museum education sessions, click here.