The Week of Communities

The Week of Communities is an annual program, which was launched by the Active Communities project in 2017. Our main goals are to promote community initiatives, the values of social cooperation and active community involvement, furthermore to contribute to the realization of an open, inclusive society. This event, which programs’ can show the values of togetherness and communities, plus highlight the local initiatives, is organized in May.

In the first year, our invitation could already reach smaller and bigger settlements and institutions all over the country. Institutions, NGOs and different kind of communities joined to the program.

The Week of Communities has many different programs, for example, presentations, workshops, informal meetings and family events; arts and craft workshops, sports events, guided tours, theatre, music and dance performances, quizzes, community cooking and food tasting. Several settlements organized local-history exhibitions with expats’ meetings or with inter-generation programs. Flesh mobs are also popular. Participants can collaborate and plan common programs as local artists and groups can perform together. Many of these events have proved to be an ideal meeting point for acquaintances and for unknowns.

 The program can be seen on our official website:, on Facebook, or via a mobile app.