How could extra-terrestrials be explained what art is?: Museum pilot projects in an international perspective, museum educators in the role of curators
The rebooted version of the exhibition created in 2018 by curators Gabriella György and Hajnal Kassai hit the road this year to go to Sepsiszentgyörgy under the title of Invisible presence 2.0.
socially responsible museum, round table discussion, pilot programmes of our methodology projects: A Chance with Museums – International workshop
Registration for the Workshop is open until 16:00, 3 October
Serious games: high art and recycled toys
Fine arts, natural science and the inclusion of museum education was the title of the imaginative professional day and workshop held by Emese Joó at Deák17 Gallery, on 2 July. The purpose of the event was to presents methods easily applicable by museum educators in their sessions, for a really playful and entertaining knowledge transfer.
international professional conferences: Our museum project and CultureBonus on the international scene
The professional implementers of the project will be taking part at prestigious scientific conferences abroad from Dijon through Brighton and Frankfurt to Tartu as presenters and participants.
interview: The Dutch model boosts confidence
Coordinators Emese Joó and Franciska Hajdu were interviewed about their experience during the five-day study tour in museums of Amsterdam.
pilot programme: Those who have already benefited from CultureBonus
Almost 1700 children have participated in museum education sessions free of charge up to the present thanks to the pilot project named CultureBonus.
study tour: Under the blue sky of Amsterdam
Museum coordinators and professional implementers of “Museum and library development for everyone” project had the opportunity to study Dutch museums’ best practices of their service providing approach and volunteering during a professional study visit.
Quality Management: Museum and Library Development for Everyone
The aim of the project is the methodological development of museum and library professionals regarding their work with younger generations and teachers at public education institutions, and also through sensitization of trainee teachers, so that they can contribute to dealing with new social and economic challenges.
PRIZE: International recognition for
The international jury of FIAMP awarded the website of the Museum Education Centre of the Hungarian Open Air Museum the GOLDEN PRIZE in the category of “SPECIAL WEB ART”.
MOKK: Who are we?
About the Museum Education and Methodology Centre (MEMC)
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events: Autumn Festival of Museums
The biggest festival of museums in Hungary first launched in 2006. Seven weeks in October and November. Don't miss it!
search and find: Museums a'la carte
Database of exhibitions and museum education programmes of Hungarian museums.
PRIZE: International recognition for
The international jury of FIAMP awarded GOLDEN PRIZE for the website of the Museum Education Centre of the Hungarian Open Air Museum in the category of “SPECIAL WEB’ART”.