Partnership of schools and museums

Accredited teacher training

Date of training: The training is organized on demand for a minimum of 10 participants.

Duration of training : 30 hours (four days)

Training venue: Hungarian Open Air Museum - Museum Education and Methodology Centre, 2000 Szentendre, Sztaravodai út

The training aims:

  • teachers learn about museum facilities and methods that are useful in competency-based education. Important requirements to enable them to implement co-operation between educational institutions and museums.
  • curriculum matching quality, museum education sessions based on museum collections and exhibitions can supplement and expand students' knowledge, experiential knowledge

The course syllabus:

  • Museum collections serve the curriculum and methodology.
  • Cooperation of museum and educational institutions (kindergarten and museum, school and museum cooperation - case studies).
  • School at the useum, a museum at the school. (Teacher and students prior preparation, preparation of museum education sessions. Triad of the museum profession.)
  • The museum's profession follow-up and feedback.
  • Design and development of museum education materials by students and teachers.
  • Basics of museum communication.
  • The museum environment (the museum preparation, organization, execution, follow-up visit to the museum).

Planned number of participants: a minimum of 10 to a maximum of 20 people

The training is aimed at:

  • elementary school teachers
  • drama teachers
  • teacher development
  • special needs teachers
  • gaming and leisure time educators
  • dormitory teachers
  • high school teachers
  • day-care teachers
  • minority kindergarten teachers and instructors
  • kindergarten teachers
  • trainers
  • teachers


Ibolya Bereczki
István Éliás
Mária Káldy
Kustánné Hegyi-Füstös Ilona
Györgyi Paálné Patkó
István Sinkó
Tamás Vásárhelyi

The training conditions apply:

- higher education degree/diploma

-submit documents needed to apply before the specified deadline

- continuous participation and active involvement in training
- preparation of final thesis within thirty working days after the last training day
- sending short written reports within for two years of training, every six months on how to utilize participants' knowledge acquired at the training at their own institutes

Accredited teachers can inquire regarding further education by contacting education officer Viktória Zádor, mail: Mailing address: Hungarian Open Air Museum, Museum Education and Methodology Centre PO Box 63 2001 Szentendre. Phone: 502- 26 590, mobile: 30-411-4933

The costs of the programme

Participation fee: 60 000 HUF / person

The participation fee includes:

1. Training certificate acknowledging successful completion of the training course

2 Lunch each day